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Post 1. Welcome To One Season With The Tree Swallows At Salmon Creek

Post 2. What A Strange, Strange Winter This Has Been

Post 3. It’s Cold Here Near The Big Lake

Post 4. Fogged In

Post 5. The First Of Several Thousand Pictures

Post 6. The Good Weather Continues But No Increase In Swallows

Post 7. More Warmth And More Swallows

Post 8. Summer’s Over

Post 9. Fighting To Live Through The Cold

Post 10. Looks Like They Made It

Post 11. Yes, They Are Tough Critters

Post 12. A Bad Day To Be A Tree Swallow

Post 13. Sunshine And Swallows

Post 14. New Arrivals

Post 15. The Intraspecific Competition Increases

Post 16. Correcting A Mistake

Post 17. An Experiment Begins

Post 18. Things Seem To Be Settling Down To “Normal”

Post 19. A Possible Reason For No Bluebirds At Salmon Creek This Spring?

Post 20. Tree Swallow Feeder Experiment #2

Post 21. When Is Nest Building Finally Going To Start?

Post 22. Math Is Dictating Much Of The Behavior Now

Post 23. Second-Year Tree Swallows Have Arrived

Post 24. Warmer Weather But Still No Nest Building

Post 25. A Monster Day For Raptors At Braddock Bay

Post 26. Tree Swallow Feeder Experiment #3

Post 27. Drama At Box 3

Post 28. Choices On A Dismal Day

Post 29. Box Design Can Affect Swallow Survival

Post 30. This Is What Starvation Looks Like

Post 31. A Recovery Day And A Surprise

Post 32. If Statistics Don’t Lie We’re On The Verge Of “Real” Nest Building

Post 33. A Takeover Attempt At Box 7

Post 34. The Bobolinks Are Back And The Swallows Building At Last

Post 35. So, What Are The Males Doing While The Females Build?

Post 36. The Migration Event Of The Week Wasn’t Birds, It Was Butterflies

Post 37. Tree Swallows As Individuals: Meet “The Big Guy”

Post 38. Here’s A Nest Building Progress Report

Post 39. Yes, Birds Do It, And Tree Swallows Do It A Lot

Post 40. Some Boxes For The Floaters And Some Relief For The Residents

Post 41. The Floaters, Now Residents, Catch Up (With Some Help)

Post 42. Female Versus Female: A Takeover At Box 11

Post 43. A Box 13 Update, And Something Else

Post 44. A Quiet Tree Swallow Grid?  Really?

Post 45. What The Swallow Nests Tell About An Invasive Species

Post 46. More And More Eggs Every Day

Post 47. The Heat Is On:  Incubation At The Grid

Post 48. Control Sheets:  Grid Nest Status At A Glance

Post 49. Homemade Predator Guards:  Protection On The Cheap

Post 50. Some Bluebird Boxes Are Miserable Little Death Traps

Post 51. There’s A New Girl In Box 2

Post 52. Ridiculous Idea #1: Why I Think Second-Year (SY) Female Tree Swallows Are Brown, Not Blue

Post 53. A Visit To The Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Post 54. Hatching Part 1:  The Race Is On  

Post 55. Egg Laying Summary And Hatching Part 2

Post 56. Trapping And Banding Adults

Post 57. Brood Reduction Young: The Unlucky Latecomers

Post 58. Fostering: Leveling The Playing Field For Survival

Post 59. Supplemental Feeding Of Tree Swallow Nestlings

Post 60. My, How You’ve Grown!  From Hatch To 12 Days

Post 61. Banding Nestlings And The 12 Day Limit

Post 62. Who’s Your Father?  Extra-Pair Paternity In Tree Swallows

Post 63. Ridiculous Idea #2: Why I Think Second-Year (SY) Male Tree Swallows Are Blue, Not Brown

Post 64. This Is A Year For The Record Book So Far

Post 654. We’re In The Home Stretch: Tree Swallow Nestlings Get Ready To Fledge

Post 66. Most Nestling Tree Swallows At Salmon Creek Have Fledged

Post 67. Fledging Update 2 And The Late Nest

Post 68. The Season Summary And Assessment

Post 69. Why I Wrote This Blog

Post 70. One Last Report And Two Thanks