One Nesting Season With The Tree Swallows Of Salmon Creek

This website is devoted to one small, native songbird, the Tree Swallow. If you want to learn about birds Tree Swallows are ideal subjects because they are so easy to attract and observe. In much of the United States and Canada if you put nest boxes up in open habitat not far from water Tree Swallows will probably find and use them, and once they’re established these birds will often let you watch their nesting cycle activities at surprisingly close range.

Put a box in the right place and they will find it

For many years we’ve enjoyed operating nest box projects in upstate NY. Although other species have sometimes used our boxes we’ve focused on Tree Swallows because we loved their vivacious personalities and the way they let us into their lives and taught us so many things. Now we invite you to share this experience by following the birds at our Salmon Creek Tree Swallow Project as they progress through one entire nesting season. We will relate topics and events to you as they happen in the field, and explore the fascinating biology, ecology and behavior of this group of Tree Swallows as they strive to reproduce. Plus, along the way we will present some opinions regarding the motivations, concerns and techniques involved in wildlife management. So, with no further ado let’s start the season at Salmon Creek.

Many Tree Swallows become super-tolerant of humans and let you observe their nesting close up